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The Federal Geographic Information Center launches the General Map of the UAE

As the official reference for geographic information at the federal level and the authoritative body responsible for issuing official maps, the Federal Geographic Information Center proudly announces the launch of the General Map of the United Arab Emirates in both Arabic and English. This milestone symbolizes a commitment to geographical accuracy and national pride.

Part of an ongoing series of official maps developed in collaboration with relevant authorities, this initiative underscores the Center's dedication to providing a unified and reliable source of geographic information for the nation. The primary goal is to empower government and private entities with trustworthy official maps, fostering consistency and precision in spatial data utilization.

The Center urges all concerned entities and community members to incorporate the General Map of UAE into various platforms, including national and international forums, conferences, meetings, official websites and digital platforms, reports, research endeavors, and related projects.

Illustrating approved official borders, main road and train networks, and essential data, the UAE General Map serves as a comprehensive resource. It includes geographic names, contributing significantly to the historical and geographical heritage of the nation and enhancing its sense of national identity.

Government entities in the UAE can obtain hard copies of the general map by visiting the main office of the Federal Geographic Information Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Alternatively, direct contact with the center through official channels or access to the digital version of the Map on the FGIC website under "Geospatial Products".

This initiative forms a crucial part of the Center's strategic plan projects, designed to elevate the country's readiness index in the field of geospatial information on a global scale.

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Federal Geographic Information Center launches 'Union Atlas'

The Federal Geographic Information Center has announced the launch of the first of its kind Union Atlas in the UAE, which provides a database of reliable geospatial and statistical information.

The Atlas aims to enhance operations and support future planning for various government and private entities, as well as vital sectors in the UAE, to support national efforts to achieve comprehensive development.

By launching the Union Atlas, the Center seeks to strengthen the UAE’s position as a global center for the new economy over the next ten years. The Atlas includes maps, pictures, and geographic and statistical information that reflect the UAE’s achievements across various fields, in addition to its history and cultural heritage.

The Atlas aims to support various sectors in the UAE such as education, health, economy, cultural and historical heritage, women and youth empowerment, environmental preservation, resource development, and infrastructure.

The Union Atlas is one of the transformational projects within the performance agreements for federal government entities for 2022, which were signed in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Performance agreements represent special projects that will help usher the UAE into the future and enhance its competitiveness. Transformational projects, meanwhile, are characterised by their ability to achieve significant impact across all sectors within short periods, ensuring the application of the new government work methodology for the UAE Government.

The Union Atlas will contribute to supporting innovation and scientific research in the UAE through interactive maps, reliable data, and world-class performance indicators that cement the UAE’s achievements across 13 sectors. Moreover, the Union Atlas will document future visions while celebrating past authenticity and current successes.

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UAE hosted 10th meeting of Arab Committee of UN Experts on Geospatial Information Management

ABU DHABI, 12th February, 2023 (WAM) -- The UAE, represented by Federal Geographic information Center (FGIC), hosted the 10th meeting of the Arab Committee of the United Nations Experts on Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), which will be held in Abu Dhabi on 14th-16th February.

The meeting was joined by 45 geospatial delegates from 14 Arab countries, in addition to the experts from UN-GGIM, and representatives of the Secretariat of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management. Furthermore, the event will host some of the most prominent international experts working in the field of geospatial data to highlight the contributions of the United Nations, international institutions, and the best local and global expertise in the geospatial field.

This event, which was held for the second time in the UAE, is an affirmation of its leading position and continuous efforts to develop the geospatial data sector in the region, which is considered a strategic direction that contributes to the comprehensive progress of various countries, in addition to the UAE's active role in enhancing cooperation between various Arab countries to develop innovative solutions that advance the geospatial data sector locally and globally.

The meeting is preceded by a workshop presented by experts in the field of geospatial sector, held on 12th-13th February, under the title “Integrated Geospatial Information Framework,” which is highlighted possible studies for enhancing the management of national geospatial sector to promote cooperation between countries and find radical solutions to support the sector.

Hamed Khamis Al Kaabi, Director-General of Federal Geographic Information Centre (FGIC), said, “We are proud to host the 10th meeting of the Arab Committee of UN Experts on Geospatial Information Management and the regional workshop in the UAE, which confirms the country’s leading position in the development of a sustainable environment and an integrated infrastructure for geospatial data. This event will allow us to highlight the leading role of Arab countries in the use and development of geospatial data, in addition to discussing various topics of significant importance in the sector and exchanging knowledge and expertise to find innovative solutions to develop the geospatial sector. This will contribute to the support of various sectors and will promote the economic growth in the UAE and the region.”

“The UAE has a distinct infrastructure with integrated elements, supported by geospatial data whose sources vary from the surrounding environment to space, and this comes as a result of the country's active investment in this field over the past two decades. It also boasts pioneering experience in empowering women in the geospatial information sector, as well as managing and developing geodetic information and geodetic networks, which we look forward to highlighting during the tenth meeting of the Committee," he added.

The Arab Committee was established in accordance with the resolution issued by the 4th session of the UN-GGIM held in New York in 2014, and the Committee is responsible for identifying regional topics related to geospatial information management, in order to reach optimum solutions and achieve economic, social, and environmental goals.